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About Us - Black Qi Activation

About Us

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I’m Dr. Phyl,  and I became a holistic practitioner because of my 27  year journey with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  In fact, all I had to show for 27 years of taking pharmaceutical drugs for chronic bronchitis was a weak body and a strong disease.  Some awareness inside me prompted me to search for other answers.  Many years later, I realized that the energy behind that  “awareness” is the same force that the ancient Kemetic people called “Ra,” the Chinese call “Qi,”  Indians call “Prana”  and Christians call the “Holy Spirit (power/Spirit of God).” I discovered Ayurveda, a healing system from India that means “The Science of Living,” and in just 3 months,  I was able to completely rid myself of this respiratory illness. My Ayurvedic teacher suggested that I teach Qigong as a way of rebuilding my lung capacity and rejuvenating my body from the inside out.  Along the way, I learned about other holistic strategies that, when combined in divine synchronicity, transformed my body from weak to strong  and allowed me to exercise and move my body in ways that had only existed in my fantasies.

These profound healing breakthroughs put me on a life long journey to encourage self empowerment and efficacy development in all areas of life. Today, I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Qigong Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT #MA64036).  Working primarily as a Health Coach, Motivational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator, I fuse a wide array of holistic healing modalities into Radiant Health Strategies (http://www.radianthealthstrategies.com) to teach people how tap into their innate wisdom, empower themselves and educe their body’s self healing powers.

Lost and Confused Signpost

Africans, African Americans and Ethnic People (specifically those who grow up and live in America) share similar health challenges with similar causes. America boasts of many strides in medicine, but is reluctant to admit to the many unethical experiments performed on African Americans in order to achieve its prestigious status. For this and many other reasons,  African Americans (especially those earlier generations) have been reluctant to see a medical doctor.

While medicine does have its place in our society, I am an advocate for holistic health practices because in the last 200 years the medical industry has managed to convince people that they do not have a working immune system without vaccines and other drugs, that the body is defenseless and that surgery and medication are the only viable options when faced with disease.

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Natural and holistic practices have been around for thousands of years.  We can only guess that the written and studied practices of what came to be known as Qigong began somewhere around 5,000 years ago.   Unfortunately, many people still place holistic practices in the category of witchcraft, voodoo, quackery or something that goes against their religious beliefs. Holistic practitioners are often categorized as “tree hugging hippies” who have their minds more in the clouds than their feet on the ground.

In recent years we have seen a bit of a shift. The allopathic world is beginning to recognize the validity of some holistic practices, especially in the area of stress relief. The holistic world understands that for some acute situations and in the case of unexpected trauma, surgery and medication as a temporary aid may be warranted. Perhaps we can finally come together and take collective actions that serve the highest good of all.

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The health crises that exists, particularly in the African American community, has far surpassed alarming.  Many Black families no longer have elders because our people die from preventable disease before the can live long enough to be elders.  Yet the contributions of Black people are essential to the health and vitality of our nation and world. We have so much work to do.  There is no way that I can do this by myself, so I founded Black Qi Activation in order bring us together to inspire empowerment and efficacy development in all areas of life. It will take many of us working locally, nationally and globally to bring about positive change, inspiring innovation and continual evolution. My hope and dream is that Black Qi Activation will help to expose Qigong to more people of the African diaspora, provide empowerment and alternative health strategies and help us stay connected through the practice of Qigong as a way of living so that the world may benefit from our talents and contributions that we innovate and deliver during our lifetime.